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Safest plastics for food and beverages
World Today

Some plastics are safer to eat and drink from than others. Here's a quick guide to help you make informed choices. If you want to dig deeper, take a look at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's Smart Plastics Guide (PDF). It's worth avoiding the following plastics when you can. >>Read More

What you need to know about bio-based plastics

We've all heard a lot about the dark side of plastics. Two common criticisms: They're made from petroleum (a non-renewable resource that's in short supply), and they hang around in landfills for centuries. >>Read More

What to do with your old pharmaceuticals

Don't let the fact that there isn't a universal way to easily dispose of old pharmaceuticals stop you from cleaning out your medicine cabinet. If you're willing to do a little bit of homework, you can learn how to responsibly get rid of expired or unwanted pills, capsules, and other prescription drugs. >>Read More

Making up for lost daylight

The sun is setting earlier in the northern hemisphere and for most Americans, clocks rolled back on November 2, stealing another hour of natural light. >>Read More

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The Origin and Philosophy of VAIO

Learn where did VAIO come from?

It was in September 1996 that Sony introduced in the United States the world's first VAIO PC. This model, and all subsequent ones proved a great success. We sincerely appreciate all of the support we received and are pleased to have been able to contribute to creating a new lifestyle. Read on to learn about the concept behind the VAIO name and logo.

The VAIO Name and Logo

VAIO Creates a Revolution, Combining AV and IT The Digital Dream Kids concept was introduced just prior to Sony's 50th anniversary in 1996. We sought to create products, which would provide new entertainment and offer a great change in lifestyle. These products were developed using a wealth of AV and rapidly increasing IT technology together with evolved analog and the latest digital technology. One goal of Digital Dream Kids was to develop and launch a totally new concept home-use PC. This new PC featured complete AV capability for enjoying both image and sound with IT application, creating limitless PC entertainment possibilities.

Furthermore, this PC provides network, i.LINK and Memory Stick compatibility, connecting users to other products and people.
When a product is developed at Sony, the planning and marketing departments are in charge of product naming while the graphic design team handles the logo. For the VAIO PC, Mr. Goto designed the entire product, from conceptualization to the final logo. It was truly exceptional for a product designer to be in charge of a design from start to finish.

However, Mr. Goto's product concept, name and design, as well as their integration, was a success. During the initial stages, Mr. Goto envisioned his PC as a reflection of Sony's image and style. In his own words, Mr. Goto explains, "I had a sudden inspiration as the word VAIO flashed across my mind. I knew this was it."
The magical word VAIO may have been the result of the product designer's inspiration, however, the name itself is symbolic in many ways and accurately reflects Sony's style. The 'VA' in VAIO stands for the integration of Sony's full audio and video entertainment capabilities.

Another idea behind the 'VA' is the unity of analog and digital *1. Together, VAIO stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation.
Mr. Goto incorporated many meanings into the design of the VAIO logo (see above). According to Mr. Goto, the logo expresses the PC's analog and digital qualities. He says: "The 'V' and the 'A' in the logo are connected together to represent a sine wave, the basic analog signal.

The 'I' and the 'O' can also be interpreted as 1 and 0 which are used to represent digital signals in binary code." It is clear that the VAIO name and logo reflect Sony style and include many ideas, namely Sony's new-concept PC for changing lifestyles.
*1 Ultimately, it is the analog signals converted from the digital images and sound that provide a moving experience. Also, the combining of business equipment is another example of VAIO's unifying of digital and analog.

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